29 August 2007

CNBC divas in cat fight

If anybody touches my girl there's gonna be a problem.

According to Page Six, people are getting very jealous, especially the other CNBC femmes.

CNBC is said to be lavishing Maria Bartiromo and bootleg "Street Sweetie" Erin Burnett with rich perks and attention that aren't also flowing to the other ladies.

If rumours of all of this infighting are true, we smell defections that couldn't be more timely. We hear Rupert Murdoch is hiring....

A source says reporters including Melissa Francis (above), who covers energy, have complained to CNBC suits that while they get zip, Bartiromo and Burnett are treated like princesses - with massive promotion, regular gigs on the "Today" show and "NBC Nightly News," perks such as limos and gushing quotes from network brass in newspaper articles.

"The catfight that started with Maria being jealous of Erin's rise has spread down the line. Now all of the other female reporters are getting pissed off," our insider said.

"They're going to management and telling them they want equal treatment - better public relations, better placement on the air. They are all being divas now. It's gotten ridiculous."

CNBC brass have only themselves to blame for the in-house bitching, according to our source, who said, "It began when Maria was first caught in the Todd Thomson ethics scandal. They should have disciplined her then, but they went out of their way to defend her because she was the big star." Bartiromo raised eyebrows by accepting private international flights with Citibank honcho Thomson on the bank's corporate jet....

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