08 August 2007

Dude from Queens caught Bonds' 756 HR

22-year-old Matt Murphy from Queens was on a layover in San Fran en route to Australia. He decided to catch a Giants game. He bought 2 tickets a few minutes before it started and he and his friend were in.

It just so happened that game was yesterday when Bonds hit his 756th home run eclipsing the record held by Hank Aaron for the past 33 years.

"Matt Murphy from Queens, NY" caught that ball. Kismet. Baseball memorabilia 'experts' have estimated the ball's value at $400,000 to $500,000. That's well below the $3.3 million fetched by Mark McGwire's 70th HR ball in 1998.

A team of San Fran cops moved in, grabbed Murphy from the crowd, and quickly led him through a tunnel and into a secure room. As he high-fived other fans, Murphy, decked out in the classic Queens, NY Mets-fan outfit: a New York Mets jersey and cap & plaid Bermuda shorts slid the ball into the back pocket.

Bloodied N.Y. fan emerges with historic HR [Fox Sports]

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