22 August 2007

A question for the ladies:

Who makes the shoes with the red or maroon undersoles? Is it Christian Louboutin? Is it Nine West? Are they Sigerson Morrison's? Is it my girl Kate Spade? Is it my paisan Giuseppe Zanotti?

A friend at work has a pair of heels which she claims are from Nine West and they have red soles so I'm not sure... Christian Louboutin would make more sense.

I see them pretty often and I just saw a new BMW commercial and the girl is rocking these red soled beauties.

Can anyone help me out? Did Louboutin invent it and now others are copying it?

Now I'm hearing theres a Christian Louboutin manicure where they'll paint the underside of your nails red.

OK, I'm gonna go lift weights and watch some baseball now to try and balance out this entry.


Anonymous said...

haha it's a Louboutin look that's probably been ripped off. have fun lifting weights.

Anonymous said...

Howare you interested in all these totally random things? You're crazy

Gotham City Insider said...

Hahaha I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you!