20 September 2007

Hyperpointillism: The Antithesis of Impatience

A few months ago I'd posted something about the great Randy Glass, the artist who does all the brilliant stippling portraiture for the Wall Street Journal.

I noticed a new comment on that old entry from a guy named Niall Young. Niall is a hyperpointillism artist from Derby. I didn't know there was a whole genre of this stuff, much less a name for it.

I knew the Wall Street Journal guy and I knew George Seurat’s famous Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte but that was it.

Niall's stuff is truly amazing; it must take such intense precision and patience, two virtues I'm pretty allergic to by nature.

Anyway, I won't do Niall's art any more disservice with my words. Just go see it, go MARVEL at it. It's wonderful. And one of Niall's blogs actually shows you his work as it progresses which is infinitely interesting; from blank page to a billion precise pin point dots coming together to create a work of art...

Niall's The Lady In Red took him 67 hours, 35 minutes to complete

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Preeti Shenoy said...

Oh yes---Niall is indeed amazing.I had written a whole post about him and his work.
You can read it here