07 September 2007

MisShapes R.I.P.

The reign of those godawful MisShapes is coming to an end but not before the long-running debauched dedouched hipster dance party that started in the West Village before moving on to bigger digs at Don Hill's puts out a coffee table book. But of course!

We should bury a few copies of these somewhere so future generations learn from their misStakes.

Multiple inside sources tell us that the September 8 book release party at MisShapes (thats tomorrow night folks!), will, in fact, be the final MisShapes party. Ever. Well, at least on the East coast. Because then the holier-than-thou three will pack up their iPods and head West.

The MisShapes are off to Costa Mesa, California to spread their love out there. Can you say jump the shark?

Princess Pout and the Dingleberries

But wait, before they move west the MisShapes want you to stop stereotyping their people!

Princess Pout a/k/a Leigh Lezark laments:

"If you’re wearing black pants and shaggy hair you’re automatically a hipster...I think it’s just as offensive as calling somebody 'bridge and tunnel."

Oh, shut up.

Wait, so a gang of people who just released a coffee table book about hipsters doesn't want you to lump them all together. For what is a hipster, if not counterintuitive?

Someone dig up Andy Warhol and let's see what he thinks.

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