17 October 2007

6 seconds from taking a hostage

OK, so here we go again with this fucking Joe Torre.

So Steinbrenner and his boys are in Tampa having another one of their big "end of another losing season" pow-wows. They met for four hours yesterday with nothing to report. By the time I click "publish post" on this, there could be some news, who knows.

The meetings in Tampa include Steinbrenner's sons, Hank and Hal (a/k/a Click and Clack a/k/a/ Mutt and Jeff), along with son-in-law Felix Lopez. Yankees president Randy Levine, C.O.O. Lonn Trost, GM Brian Cashman and AGM Jean Afterman also were there.

Anyway, so yesterday I'm hearing "Donny Baseball" Don Mattingly told Steinbrenner he a) does not feel ready to replace Joe Torre as manager and b) feels uncomfortable taking over Torre's seat.

You know what, Donny Baseball? Then take a fucking walk. Thats what Steinbrenner should tell him. You feel weird jumping in the dudes grave, then chug along, Charlie. Take the offer off the table.

I mean is Joe Torre the fucking second coming or what? Now dudes don't wanna touch his $7M seat?! Are you fucking kidding me? No one wants to touch his sloppy seconds now? He's that good?! Getthefuckouttahere!

"Joe Torre fans are expected to gather today in midtown of a "Save Joe Rally.'' The 3 p.m. rally at West 43rd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenue will include a petition for fans to sign that will be sent to owner George Steinbrenner. "
Joe Torre FANS?! Whoever has time to be at a rally at 3 p.m. is a loser anyway.

You guys go rally about that while the goddamn Colorado Rockies and the Cleveland Indians battle it out.

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