17 October 2007

What have u done for me lately, Doherty?

OK, lets talk about this bloke Pete Doherty.

Pete Doherty was in The Libertines. They were big for about 45 minutes back when The Strokes were still making people believe there was a God.

Yadda yadda yadda The Libertines break up and Doherty starts a band called Babyshambles.

Somehow your boy hooks up with supermodel Kate Moss and they do lots and lots of coke.

Doherty is now arrested every other week.

"Pete Doherty" is suddenly a household name.

"Pass the mushy peas. What's with this Pete Doherty fella?"
He's on the cover of every rag stacked by the queue at Sainsbury's.

"Oh, hey, look everyone, it's the cokehead!"

I'm sorry but this dude is the ultimate poser.

Babyshambles released "Down in Albion" in November of 2005. Since then they haven't done shit. It wasn't until this month that they released "Shotter's Nation", nearly 3 years later!

What do you think the bass player for Babyshambles was doing this whole time this asshole Doherty was running around like Arthur 2: On the Rocks? He was probably working the night shift at Tesco while this asshole was out doing dope with bony assed supermodels.

This kid is a clown; a clown with a famous sounding name.

I mean I wanna like the dude; when "Killamangiro" comes up on my iPod, I'll listen for at least one chorus but otherwise he reminds me of like Jessica Simpson or someone that sort of got famous but no one knows how.

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