17 October 2007

From the Dogs Are Smarter Than Us Dept:

Dog Uses Bath Drain To Breathe Amid Fire :
Long Island Pooch Jumped Into Tub, Closed Curtain As House Burned Down

"Yeah, thats right, bitch. I ain't goin out like that."

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A big 150-pound black Newfoundland named Jackson managed to escape harm during a house fire by jumping into a bathtub, pulling the curtain closed, and using the drain to breathe fresh air. Wow. I would have never thought of that.

Firefighters were astounded to see that the dog somehow figured out that the drain would allow him to breathe.

A common mantra says to duck below the smoke if you run out of oxygen and find fresh air wherever you can. Jackson was literally inside the bathtub, sucking the air out of the drainpipe, an "old school thing" that a firefighter would do.

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