10 October 2007

Great minds think alike?

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It blew my mind that Gothamist just posted this article "Peeping the Peepers in Union Square" detailing the "peeper zone" phenomenon; for earlier when I wrote about the Hotel Pennsylvania it reminded me of the time I was working sticker patrol for this radio station across the street from the hotel. We had parked the prize giveaway van outside MSG and were just handing out stickers and little bags of Ghirardelli party mix. Suddenly we noticed two girls, definitely foreign, sitting on the steps at MSG. One had no panties on and was wearing a skirt. OK, fine. We looked, we gawked, we laughed, we cried and we continued to hand out stickers. But suddenly we noticed, a line of dudes, like a SERIOUS FUCKING LINE of dudes all standing within the red carpet "peeper zone"; within the panoramic field of vision for this girls naughty bits, like convex glass. Some were feigning reading a newspaper, some were pretending to set their watch, others acted like they were waiting on a friend; it was so fucking creepy and vile. Suddenly we realised we were completely surrounded by these dudes who had all lined up in a perfect row to just stare at this girl. It felt filthy.

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