12 November 2007

Another NYU Arts Student Takes The Plunge

Back in September, freshman Allan Oakley Hunter III died after jumping off the roof of University residence hall over on East 14th Street.

In the 2003-04 school year, there were a rash of suicides at NYU, with five students jumping to their deaths - three in the course of five weeks. A sixth student committed suicide in September 2004.

Well now we've got another one.

An unnamed NYU sophomore was found dead over the weekend in his Water Street flat. Other residents of the Water Street Residence Hall were notified but NYU refrained from sending out a typical mass email to all its students.

Water Street Residence Hall has their own blog. Go look for clues. Looks like their docket is pretty open save for a Hall Council Meeting in Room 408.

I can't believe they canceled my WNYU AM show...


Anonymous said...

wha? Bubby's??

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should consider those affected by this student's suicide before writing such an insensitive photo caption.