01 November 2007

Bad Poetry

Sometimes I see shit that resembles bad poetry or a large print book; some things have the subtlety of a sledgehammer; certain things just scream irony and irony shouldn't ever be screamed but spoken in your best stage whisper.

For instance one morning I saw a pair of crutches in a pile of garbage near the curb. That is a perfect example of bad poetry come to life; when the symbolism comes much too easily.

So yesterday I spied a bowl of individually wrapped Twizzlers in a bowl on some guys porch. Well, it was on the stairs which lead to his porch. Truth be told said bowl was probably a good 15-20 feet from his front door.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry so I sort of smirked.

It was like "Here ya go rats, help yourself, just leave me alone". It was the type of sight some local news would love to do a story on if it were in a bad neighbourhood. Like "homeowners are afraid of the trick-or-treaters so they just leave the candy outside and board up their windows on Halloween".

So, yeah. That's my story. A bowl of individually wrapped Twizzlers on a guys porch. No note, nothing. It was a lot like when people beg for money but they don't say anything, they just jingle the cup if that! It's like dude, at least say something to me if you want some money from me! Even the panhandlers are getting lazy these days! Good grief !

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