02 November 2007

Getting Away With Murder 101

I can't believe they've got this guy mugging it up on the cover of The Post; the gloriously exonerated "G-Man". Unless maybe G stands for guilty?

"Lindley DeVecchio and wife Carolyn rub salt in the wounds of vanquished Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes last night - toasting the dismissal of mob murder charges against him at Sparks Steak House, where Gambino godfather Paul Castellano got whacked in 1985, paving the way for John Gotti to take over the crime family. "

The food is good," deadpanned DeVecchio as he, Carolyn, lawyers and friends grabbed a back table and cracked open a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne after sipping cocktails at the bar.

"Porterhouse - that's what I want," said Carolyn DeVecchio. Oh yeah, Carolyn?

This guy must feel invincible. I can't believe he'd go to Sparks and celebrate like this. And now he's complaining about how will he ever get his reputation back?
"After almost two years, this nightmare is over," said DeVecchio, referring to the time since his indictment. "My question is, `Where do I go to get back my reputation?'"
I bet this guy will sue in civil court now. Amazing; just amazing.

Joe Coffey, former head of the New York Organized Crime Task Force wondered: "Have we got another O.J. Simpson here?". And yes, he was referring to DeVecchio; DeVecchio, quite literally, getting away with murder sans the white Bronco chase.

This whole case and the timing of its sudden implosion smells fishy; everything about it seems suspicious. I hope some greater good will eventually come out of it; otherwise an ex-FBI agent has gotten away with murder. Plain and simple.

"Prosecutors decided to dismiss all charges against Lindley DeVecchio after reviewing tapes of interviews key witness Linda Schiro gave a decade ago that contradicted much of her testimony this week."

The key word there is much; Much but not all.

If enough stock was put into Linda Schiro's testimony to dismiss a murder case, then equal faith should be put into the parts of Schiro's testimony which didn't contradict with what she said in that '97 Voice interview. Do you not agree? The court-appointed attorney for Schiro said despite the discrepancies raised by the Voice interview, she stood by her recent sworn testimony.
"She told the truth in court under oath," said her lawyer, Gary Farrell.
We are comparing apples and oranges here. What Linda said under oath in court and what she said ten years ago in a sensational editorialised piece in the Village Voice?!
Basically an old Village Voice article collapsed this case in a matter of moments; a fucking murder case where an ex-FBI agent was indicted!?!
I call "bullshit!". How about you?
Prosecutors dropped murder charges against an ex-FBI agent accused of feeding confidential information to a homicidal mob informant in what was billed as one of the "worst law enforcement corruption cases in U.S. history"... because of an editorial in the Village Voice?!?!!

Something smells like shit, here.
And we've got a justice system in need of serious lobotomy.

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