21 November 2007

Portrait of a pumpkin pie in a post 9/11 world

Some lady from the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) was just on the early morning news standing in a busy airport saying it's wise to pack Granny's pumpkin pie in your luggage because it could be misconstrued as a "gel" in your carry on. Mmmm pumpkin gel!

She also suggested mailing your baked goods home ahead of you. It's the day before Thanksigivng, toots, and you want me to FedEx my fucking pecan pie muffins? Thanks for the heads up. Good lookin' out.

TSA Officer: "Well, well, well, what do we have here?"

Traveling Dolt: "Oh, just a fresh pumpkin pie I baked."

TSA Officer: "Yeah, well, we are gonna have to take a closer look at it" —Takes pie — "Hey, Jimmy, help me screen this pie, will ya?!"

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