07 November 2007

Sufjan Stevens & Radiohead

Yeah, Sufjan, how are those 46 other albums about every single state going? From the Village Voice Rob Harvilla reviews Sufjan Stevens' BQE symphony thing, which I still don't quite get. And I dunno about you but I cannot wait for that record about South Dakota.

Meanwhile, most fans opted to pay $0 for that new Radiohead album. Radiohead broke the mold and released their seventh studio album, "In Rainbows", online themselves. The biggest wrinkle was the band's decision to let fans pay as much or as little as they wanted to download a copy. More than half of those who downloaded the album chose to pay nothing at all. Some 62% of people who downloaded "In Rainbows" in a four-week period last month opted not to pay a cent. The remaining 38% voluntarily paid an average of $6. I mean, c'mon. When has the "honour system" ever worked? People don't give a fuck. Radiohead's publicist said the band had no comment. Ha!

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