07 January 2008

Verizon's New Senior Citizen Phone Excites 29-Year-Old Man

Sure I get frustrated when mum can't figure out her laptop or her new flat screen but when it comes to cell phones, I like them as simple as possible. However, finding a no-frills cell is not easy.

For after the dude in the store finishes cackling at you because you're not interested in the net or a camera on your phone, you aren't left with very many options.

But now Verizon has designed The Coupe which Verizon is boasting "has earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal". HOLLA!! Fuck The Source, it's all about Good Housekeeping.

It's basically a big, dumb, loud and easy-to-use phone. It sells for $20 with a new contract and I think its like $150 retail.

From what I read "The Coupe" is geared towards first-time cellphone owners who are 65+. Figures something built for old people would whet my whistle.

I'm in love.

The below photo was in the advert for The Coupe... Look how mesmerised they are watching the Verizon Mothership landing in their backyard!

1 comment:

Willi said...

The looks on their faces shows the eager anticipation of what awaits them upon the arrival of the Verizon mothership ...they've heard about the anal probes...(now cut to the screeching violin staccato.)