25 February 2008

Are You Tired Of Wasting Precious Time Spreading Cream Cheese On Your Morning Bagel?

Well Kraft2000 is here to help with their new line of space aged frozen bagels that come pre-cream cheesed... from the future!!!!!!!!!!!

Kraft's frozen "Bagel-Fuls™" will come injected with cream cheese in regular and cinnamon flavours to start with and were tested for 3 years on Mars!

Still crunched for time? Smuckers recommends "Uncrustables™", their frozen PB&J sandwiches, just defrost for 30-60 minutes before eating.

Who was it that talked about technology always taking one step forward and two steps back?

Kraft Frozen Bagels Will Soon Come with Cream Cheese {Gothamist}

You know Sally Struthers is down with the some frozen pre-creamed bagels. "Sure, we all do"

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