04 February 2008


The "Champion" t-shirts worn by all the teams during the champagne doused locker room party are obviously manufactured way before the game time.

And last night in four locations across the country, Reebok had printing presses at the ready. And basically if the Giants won they'd press Button A, and if not, they'd press Button B. Those were the shirts to go out en masse to the public but a select amount for locker room celebration were at the ready for both teams. With a few seconds remaining last night there was even a shot of a guy holding a NY Giant Champions baseball cap.

Ever wonder what happens to those jump the gun shirts?

Well the losing team's shirts are almost always donated to a company called World Vision, who distributes them to people in Romania, Nicaragua and other Third World countries.

This got me thinking, what a fucked up version of sports history these people must have! Today they think the Patriots won last night and the Colorado Rockies won the World Series last October. And what about those unstoppable Yankees beating the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001 and clobbering the Florida Marlins in 2003. I wonder if they're already rocking their President Hillary hoodies?

So before you Patriot fans start licking your wounds and reverting to reveling in your bronze medal AFC Championship glory and that meaningless 18-0 record, look around for these. They're hysterical and going for $20 on eBay.

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