04 February 2008

Frank Farian Followed Me Around All Weekend!

What was that movie where whatever the author writes on his special typewriter it comes true? I think John Candy may've been in it. Anyway, on Friday I wrote about Frank Farian, the Godfather of 90's dance music, and all weekend long we were followed by his ghost!, even though he's not dead!. Saturday morning we realised WKTU was doing a Flashback 90's weekend and no sooner did we hear the LaBouche classic, "Sweet Dreams" ! In a 99¢ store on 18th Avenue we heard LaBouche's own 'Freebird', the timeless "Be My Lover". Later on in a sneaker store on Canal Street we heard Le Click's "Tonight is the Night"! Sadly, and like all good things, the end of the flashback weekend came much too soon and we didn't catch any No Mercy. But we did catch Real McCoy's "Another Night" and Corona's "The Rhythm of The Night" which made for two fabulous consolation prizes 'with California Emissions'.

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