05 February 2008

"Due To A Declining Audience For Smooth Jazz,
"Be Cool... CD 101.9" Is No Longer

Orthodontists across the tri-state area are in mourning today because in about 5 minutes CD 101.9 will be no longer. As of 4PM today, WQCD 101.9 is changing formats from "smooth jazz" to a "respectful and intelligent mix of new music, classic rock and alternative."

The official word from the CD 101.9 website:

"The staff of CD101.9 would like to thank you for your support over these past 20 years of Smooth Jazz CD101.9. Due to a declining audience for Smooth Jazz over the past few years, we are sad to announce that Smooth Jazz will no longer be available on the 101.9 signal.

On February 5th we launched an innovative new adult rock format on the 101.9 frequency called 101.9 RXP The New York Rock Experience.

101.9 RXP is a respectful and intelligent mix of new music, classic rock and alternative - we invite you to try it.

If you are solely a Smooth Jazz lover, "Smooth Jazz CD101.9" will continue to exist on our HD2 channel. Just purchase an HD capable radio and you will be able to listen to your favorite Smooth Jazz artists for free as always!"
Free if I buy an HD radio you mean.

Does anyone else remember those CD 101.9 TV commercials with that "Be Cool" jingle? I think they even had a wanna-be "M.C. Skat Kat", the sly, rapping, cartoon cat featured in Paula Abdul's
"Opposites Attract" video in 1989. God, that was awful. Don't get me started on the spin off album that followed, "The Adventures of MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob" in 1991.

101.9 is notorious for giving up on formats that become popular several years later. Will we see the same for "smooth jazz"? God, I hope not.

In 1975, CD 101.9 was WPIX and they were spinning something called disco.

The New York Times reported,

"Characterised by a strong bass, a simple melody, and terse repetitive lyrics... "Disco," as this music is called...is becoming increasingly popular on AM and FM radio stations. WPIX-FM recently switched several hours of its nightly programming over to "disco."
By 1978 101.9 was bravely spinning punk and new wave at a time when other rock stations in New York were being careful and sticking with traditional AOR formats, Adult Top 40 and oldies.

101.9 staked out a groundbreaking eclectic format focused on new wave and punk but included older rock and roll as well, hence its advertising slogan: "From Elvis to Elvis."

They helped break in New York and nationally early records by Elvis Costello, the Police, the Clash, the Cars, Squeeze, DEVO, Cheap Trick, Talking Heads and David Johansen.

Anyway, I have no idea where 101.9 is going to stick their "respectful and intelligent mix of new music, classic rock and alternative" with Q104, K-Rock and CBS-FM all doing a similar thing but hey, good luck! You could always bring back MC Skat Kat.

I am available!

** The new 101.9 WRXP website has launched and they've posted their "groundbreaking" playlist for the maiden hour: Velvet Underground, R.E.M, The Killers, U2, Blondie, The Bravery, Tom Petty, Black Crowes, Springsteen, yadda, yadda, yadda.

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