26 February 2008

Enough, Lorin. Come Home!

My main man Lorin Maazel and The New York Philharmonic have been on tour for what seems ages now.

They were in Pyongyang, they went to Seoul, now they're in Shanghai, then they're in Taiwan... Enough already! Come the fuck back to Lincoln Center. I am fiending for a fix of Brahms and Dvořák, bitches.

The Times has some wild photos of The Philharmonic touching down in dreary Pyongyang. The two day visit began yesterday with an extravagant state welcome featuring “an endless banquet with quail eggs, roast mutton and pheasant ball soup.” Exalted my malted!


Anonymous said...

This is why I love this blog.

Anonymous said...

Same here only GCI can pull this off

irreverent and cultured