21 February 2008

What The Fuck, Shreveport!?

So I'm checking my stocks and I see this fucked up head pop up on the screen. I decided to see who this head belonged to and what the F happened to it.

Turns out, the head belongs to Angela Garbarino, a 42-year-old woman from Shreveport.

Angela had been taken into custody for DWI testing after cops saw her crash her car into some other cars parked inside a casino lot just before smashing into a light pole. Rough night.

But Garbarino said she was then beaten after her arrest on a drunk driving charge. She is seen in a police department video lying in a pool of blood in an interrogation room.

Wiley Willis, 30, the cop who was just recently fired in connection with the case, claims Angela Garbarino simply fell down. Ha! Sure.

Excerpts from a police video tape show Garbarino struggling with Willis in the interrogation room. But the camera was turned off for a time. When it was turned back on, Garbarino is seen on the floor in a pool of blood. How convenient.

Garbarino said Willis tried to force her to take a breath test against her will and that he beat her after turning off the camera.

Shreveport chief of police immediately ordered an IAD investigation which determined that numerous policy violations had occurred.

Willis' lawyer said after Garbarino's refusal to take the breath test, the cop "turned off and saved the videotape in accordance with normal practice... The suspect again tried to leave the room. In the process of (Willis) stopping her, she fell and injured herself."

Paramedics took her to LSU Hospital in Shreveport, where Garbarino was treated for a broken nose, a fractured cheek bone and bruises on various parts of her body. O and two of her teeth were knocked out.
The Louisiana D.A. and the Justice Department are now also looking into this story.

I say the dude beat the fuck out of her. What do u think? AP has the video, here.

O, and here's a picture of Ice-T and his wife, "CoCo", on Halloween.

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