12 June 2008

Me and my Aeron strolling down the avenue...

Herman Miller and his world famous Aeron chair contraption.

It's exclusivity became a symbol of the devil-may-care dot-com bubbo.

It's so damn wonderful that it sits in MOMA's permanent collection.

They go for anywhere from $700-$1,000 each and in my office there are hundreds of them on each floor. I think the ones we have go for about $950. No wonder we're going out of business.

But, they aren't particularly wonderful. I mean, its OK, but its just a fucking chair. I don't look forward to sitting on it everyday or anything.

Unless the fact that I don't notice whether its comfortable or uncomfortable is its definitive testament? As if I'm floating on a cloud all day perhaps? Hmmmm.

It does have an awful lot of fancy knobs and pneumatic levers to adjust but ultimately it feels like a chair.

For $950 you better give me some tufted leather with some goddamn nailheads or just give me the cash, I'll sit on a folding chair. I got one at home.

I mean, I'm sitting down. How bad could it possibly be!? As long as a knife isn't stabbing me in my ass I think I can deal.

It's like a 5 star hotel. Once you're asleep what does it matter?

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Anonymous said...

When you DO have to sit on an uncomfortable chair for 6 hours and squirm for 5 of it, you'll understand.