26 June 2007

"Hot enough for ya?"

What is it with the weather and people? MUST you speak to me? MUST you make a comment to me about the humidity or whatever? As a man of larger carriage, chances are if YOU'RE feeling warm, surely I felt warm a few minutes ago. I'm not a meteorologist or a weather forecaster, I just know when I feel hot, its hot and when I feel cold, well, its cold and I just assume everyone else around with me with skin and a pulse feels somewhat similarly. But hey, that's just me, I assume things. The classic "Hot enough for ya?" I haven't heard in a while and I'm actually starting to miss its simplicity because now we've got these rogue bus stop & elevator meteorologists who make remarks about the humidity and the jet stream and all this ish. I'd RATHER a good old annoying "Hot enough for ya?" over these prompts for an early morning round table discussion about the interdisciplinary scientific study of the atmosphere. YES, IT'S HOT, deal with it on your own, just like I am doing, SILENTLY. You talking to me about how hot it is or how hot you heard its gonna get will not make it any COOLER therefore whats the point of you even SPEAKING TO ME AT ALL?! What happened to talking to yourself quietly? What happened to having a silent conversation with yourself in your head? Step outside and say to YOURSELF "It sure is hot today" and leave it there. I have nothing to add to your observations so why share it with me? I don't need to chill out, PEOPLE JUST NEED TO SHUT THE F UP.

This is one of my favourite scenes from Groundhog Day:

Angela Paton (bed & breakfast innkeeper): "There's talk of a blizzard".

Bill Murray:
"Well we may catch a break and that blizzard's gonna blow right by us. All of this moisture coming up out of the south by midday is probably gonna push on to the east of us and at high altitudes it's going to crystallize and give us what we call snow; probably going to be some accumulation. But here in Punxsutawney our high is gonna get up to about 30 today, teens tonight, chance for precipitation about 20% today, 20% tomorrow. Did you wanna talk about the weather or were you just making chit-chat?"

I wish I knew enough about the weather to come back with something like this when some dolt makes a remark to me about how hot it is.

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Anonymous said...

chit chat is annoying.