14 June 2007

Imagination cannot grasp simple nothingness and must therefore fill the void with fantasies; Oh yeah and some more Sopranos stuff, too.

So I came home to an email from my actual Godfather so I was sort of compelled to post this stuff he clued me to.

It's a cool checklist of all the theories out there about the last episode of Sopranos. It dispels some rumours and may rain on your parade a little, depending on how you feel about it. Either way, it's an interesting read.

Poached from Salon.com:

Embarrassingly, I have now watched the episode three times. I am fascinated by the fast-growing conspiracy theories. The speculation so far:

  • Everyone in Holsten's is someone Tony beat up in previous seasons. (This is entirely fabricated, as confirmed by Alan Sepinwall in his interview with Chase in the Newark Star-Ledger)

  • The waiter who brings them the onion rings is named "Kevin Finnerty," the name of Tony's dream-identity from when he was shot, and the guy at the bar is "Nikki Leotardo," Phil's nephew. (Not true, I've now checked the credits for all of this shit -- it's invented out of whole cloth!)

  • The first episode of the season is called "Members Only" and the menacing guy at the counter is wearing a Members Only jacket. (But there have been lots of "Sopranos" characters with Members Only jackets. Remember Ralphie?)

  • Each of the nine episodes this season stood in for one of Dante's levels of hell. (Chase says not true.)

  • Tony began the episode already dead (killed at the safe house) and the first funereal shot we see of him is him in a coffin.

  • Tony was wearing two different outfits in the last scene; therefore it was a dream (Not true. He just changes out of his jacket.)

  • He was eating oranges (from "The Godfather") earlier in the episode, which means he was definitely killed at the end.

  • He had gathered them all at Holsten's to tell them they were going into the witness protection program, which is why Carm was looking at plans for a "beach house" before dinner. (Because their witness protection house was gonna be in Avalon?)

  • The episode is all a dream. Tony went to bed on a bare mattress but woke up on sheets, dreams all of the weirdness with A.J.'s exploding car and Trump aspirations, Phil's violent death, a therapist who reminds him of Melfi, and finally the weird cut of him watching himself eat at the diner. A.J.'s line "You're living in a fucking dream" is a clue, and the door chime at Holsten's is his alarm clock waking him up.

  • Tony is wearing the same shirt he did when Uncle June shot him, so he's still in his coma.

  • An image of Adriana is reflected in the eyes of the cat.

  • The other song option underneath "Don't Stop Believin'" was "Any Way You Want It," which is how Chase wanted us to conceive of the ending. (This one, I feel, is probably true.)

    I think the end reflected the anxieties Tony feels all the time: He or his loved ones could get wiped out anytime, not just because he's a mobster, but because he's a regular suburban American guy who could get capped, or blown up by terrorists, who has kids who are bad parallel parkers and cross the street without looking. In the Star Ledger interview, Chase talked about the "terrorists" that Tony turned in and said, "That was sort of the point of it: Who knows if they are terrorists or if they're innocent pistachio salesmen?" -- which I thought was sort of the point of the whole last scene. Anyone you see might be a menace ... or not. READ MORE FROM SALON.COM HERE

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