13 June 2007

Give Pause: It's A Letter From Your Editor

A Letter From Your Editor:

Oh, wait, that's me!

I got wind of some good news today so I went out and finally purchased a seersucker suit. The guy who helped me looked like Paul Benedict.

Tailors are such rockstars. They appear from behind a curtain and their time is always so very precious; they wear that tape measure around their neck like a feathered boa and the chemistry between the peon salesman and the indispensable tailor is usually precarious at best.

The tailor'll take your measurements and then vanish just as quickly as......... they appeared and you're left feeling bewildered; like it all happened so fast and like the wind, they're gone; back to their sewing machine or whatever they do back there that takes 2 weeks to do. Today is the 13th, my new suit won't be ready until the 29th. I mean, c'mon now fellas. At least I'll have all of July and August to rock the ish out of it. Holla.

Working on Park Avenue (New York's Beverly Hills) and being inundated with this Martha's Vineyard Detox Diet by Robin Quivers has made me decide to go on a new diet of my own. I will be doing a hazelnut iced coffee and water diet and I'm crowning it the Gotham City Insider Detox Diet. I'll let you know how it goes. I hope you'll all come visit me in the hospital. If I survive, a book is sure to follow... and you'll all get a dedication. Promise.

I'm also realising that I'm caring less and less about what artists have to say in interviews. I'm not sure if it's my A.D.D. getting even worse or what, but the idea of reading a Q&A with even one of my favourite musicians or whatever seems like the most arduous task, ever. Maybe because of all this manic news aggregating I've been doing I'm becoming averse to pablum? I mean all I do is search for deliciously packaged facts and hard-hitting tidbits and quotable soundbytes... Ish, maybe I need a vacation from this blog? A potent potable sure would do me well right about now.

MFin' Ratt's "Round and Round" has moved into my head and I don't why but it won't leave. HELP!

Well, that wasn't really much of a letter from the editor but it'll have to do.

Love is ALL,
Your J.

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