17 July 2007

Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me...

  1. How can Lowe's AND Home Depot co-exist? It's the same. exact. store. Just different colours. It's lunacy! It's like Fats Domino and Chubby Checker. But which came first, das chicken or das egg?

  2. What are those little mini-cane/walking stick things they sell at cigar/smoke shops?They're too big to be letter openers and too long to be shoehorns. Are they just miniature collectibles? I'm befuddled. At lunch, I shall investigate and report back.

  3. How are there still fancy Chinese restaurants? It's confusing. How can one spot have napkin holders and waiters in tuxedos and $17.95 shrimp Lo Mein on the menu when the hot slop wok shop down the street has a quart of Lo Mein for $7? And when did delivery start? I remember going with my dad to go pick up take-out from Bo-On on 5th avenue and 87th St. back in the day. It was like the first take-out spot in our neighb. I'm assuming if they delivered, we'd have let them. I also remember early 80's, a guy from like Ozone Park who'd just won the lottery being interviewed on Ch. 4 and he was saying how he was first gonna get "take-out Chinese for his whole family", like it was some big deal; like he was renting out the Four Seasons for the night. I guess it was still a novelty then? Thinking back, there definitely used to be more white tablecloth sit down Chinese restaurants; we once had Lamps of China, Pearls of China, Lum Chin, Mr. Tang and that other one up near Scarpaci. Now those are all gone and there's six or seven hot wok slop shops on every block. It's wild.

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