24 July 2007

I really don't know how the cokeheads did it back in the wild west of Wall Street. I just had a nosebleed at my desk and I stained my white, grey and salmon Trump tie which I loved. I've been fighting off a cold the past few days and ever since I was a kid when my nose gets really dry, it just bleeds. Good times.

So naturally I had to replace the tie, immediately. However, replacing a tie around here isn't cheap. I forgot all about the $5 silk Pashmina guy on the corner of 48th and Lex and instead I found my way to Josef A.; hey, at least I didn't find my way to Paul Stuart or Brooks Brothers which I have done before.

So $75 later I was on my way back to the office with a new 100% Italian silk tie close enough to the one I'd ruined. The guy impulse sold me on some Hermes silk stain remover as well. He said in case I had "lobster or Italian for lunch."

I won't be able to afford lobster for lunch today since I just dropped $75 on a tie, but thanks.


Anonymous said...

your own saliva gets out your own blood.
spit on it...it'll be fine.


Unknown said...

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