03 July 2007

L.I. Dog Helps Save Couple in Distress

A Long Island Border Collie is being hailed a hero after helping his owners rescue two boaters who capsized in the Amityville River.

An LI couple adopted the pooch named Smooch just 2 weeks ago to help keep geese off their lawn. And although they hadn't had the dog for very long, they thought it was a bit unusual when Smooch began barking incessantly Sunday morning.

It turns out that Smoochface was trying to get their attention. Outside their lawn overlooking the Amityville River, an empty kayak drifted toward the Great South Bay. A man and woman struggled in the water as they tried to catch up to the kayak.

Thanks to Smooch's non-stop barking, his owners noticed the kayakers and then jumped in a rowboat and paddled out to the couple in distress using a crab net to rescue the man and then pull the woman on board.


Because their early work was to gather sheep from the hills of Scotland and northern England, Border Collies are, by nature, brilliant gatherers. Smooch was probably just trying to make sure all his ducks were in a row; the kayaking couple had strayed too far for her liking.

Amazing and adorable.

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