01 October 2007

On the verge...

What is it about that sound? Why is it so gross to hear someone else cutting their nails? I'm gagging just thinking about it. I've never once trimmed my nails on the D train. Have you? The security guard on my floor right now is clip-clip-clipping away. I can't see him but I can hear it down the hall and I really wanna say something. He's been clipping for like 15 minutes! It's fucking gnarly, man. I dunno what it is about that sound but its fucking vile. Almost as vile as the time I saw a guy eating a bucket of buffalo wings on the B train. He was taking turns holding the pole and eating wings from the bucket; switching hands carelessly so that his filthy hands were touching the nasty pole, back into the bucket and so on and so forth; until his face and the pole were both completely covered in orange hot sauce which probably tasted like nickels from the brushed metal pole. People are fucking gross.

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