26 July 2007

Score 1 for Big Al

I've been pretty candid about how I feel about your boy Al Sharpton, but I've gotta admit he scored some points with me this morning.

I just read Sharpton and well known animal lover Russell Simmons have turned their attention to the crusade against dogfighting in light of the recent allegations against NFL QB Michael Vick.

Sharpton & Simmons teamed up with PETA to send an open letter to all corporate sponsors of alleged dog fight creep Michael Vick, as well as to the Commissioner of the NFL. PETA picketed New York's Niketown store yesterday, by the way. I guess Vick had a new shoe deal with them or some shit.

In their letter, Sharpton and Simmons proclaim, "Hurting animals for human pleasure or gain is despicable ... Our battle must extend to those innocent animals who literally have no voice or choice."


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